Brazilian Butt Lift

The definition of beauty is relative. But the beauty of butts is one of the essential items of general understanding of beauty. From this view, when the buttocks are large in proportion to the body, and that they are sufficiently prominent, rounded and smooth when viewed from the side, then you are beautiful.

Everyone, either male or female, attaches importance to aesthetic buttocks. Round and slightly defined buttocks make women look sexier and more attractive. Having beautiful buttocks sometimes cannot be achieved through sports alone. In this case, the way to have plump buttocks is through some aesthetic operations.

Women caring care about their appearance want to look sexier and more beautiful. Women complain about hiding their buttocks, especially in summer. It’s pretty hard to hide your buttocks under a bikini. The demand for butt aesthetics has increased recently to make the buttock look aesthetically pleasing in bikinis or swimsuits. Butt lift is a very ideal way to make the buttocks that cannot be hidden in summer clothes, shorts, light-colored, thin fabric trousers and bikinis more aesthetic.

Slim ladies want their buttocks to be a little more curvaceous, especially when they wear pants. However, since sufficient amount of fat cannot be obtained with liposuction in these people, the buttock is mostly shaped with silicone implants.

Weight loss can lead to flattening in the buttocks of ​​people. Over time, the sagging abdomen, buttocks and inner thighs are hidden under the bikini in the waist area.

Sometimes, due to genetic reasons, the angle of the butt to the waist is wide. The butt is very indistinct when viewed from the side. However, there is a sufficient amount of fat in the buttock area. Fats taken from the hips by the liposuction method can be used to shape the buttocks.

How is Buttock Lift Performed?

With sagging hips, incisions passing through the waist or over the hips, the sagging skin and fat of the waist and upper part of the hip is removed like a belt, and the hips are pulled upwards, the stitches remain under the bikini.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Following the procedure, which lasts between 2 and 4 hours, the patient is observed for one day and discharged. The patient rests for 10-15 days. Then s/he can return to her/his normal life.

In some cases, implants that will make the hips look fuller can be placed in patients with soft tissue and muscle deficiency during the butt lift procedure. This procedure can be done alone as well as in conjunction with the buttock lift.