Many aesthetic surgeries are not painful as they are only applied on the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is mild pain, it will stop in 1 or 2 days and it can be easily removed with painkillers during this time. In surgeries involving muscles, such as breast implant surgeries, the feeling of pain and tightness may last a little longer.

It can be applied to anyone in good mental and physical state. However, there is an age restriction for some surgeries, or an ideal age for that surgery to be performed.

After the operation, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor. You will be called for post-operative dressing and controls. Do not put off the controls and take the drugs prescribed.

Rhinoplasty is an operation to change the external shape of the nose. During the surgery, the cartilage and bones of the nose are shaped and the nose can be given its final shape. Also, bone, cartilage and flesh growths in the nose that prevent us from breathing and cause some diseases can also be removed during the same operation.

Contrary to what is generally known, rhinoplasty is not a painful procedure. When we asked the patients, we have operated on if they had pain after the surgery, 98 out of 100 patients did not complain of any pain disorder. However, what is often confused with pain is facial swelling and feeling of tightness. These should not be confused with pain. This problem can be easily overcome with simple painkillers to be taken after the surgery.

It takes between 1-3 hours

There is no age limit for the operation. However, in aesthetic operations, we generally recommend the patients have the surgery after the of 17.

Lip lift is generally not a painful procedure. However, since there is a small incision under your nose, it may cause a slight pain. After the surgery, you may feel a swelling due to the tightness in this area. When you have these complaints and use drugs relieving swelling and edema as well as pain, this mild pain does not cause any problems. You can resume your normal life within a day or two after surgery.

There are transverse lines (wrinkles) on the forehead, the depth of which differs from person to person. Between the eyebrows, these lines become vertical. As with the facial skin, the forehead skin begins to loosen and sag in parallel with the age and the existing lines become deeper. Over time, the eyebrows go down. Forehead and eyebrow lift surgeries can be applied to patients with such problems

Removing the fat tissue in the body with the help of a hollow tube is called "liposuction". Liposuction is not a surgery for loss of weight. Liposuction is a procedure to remove limited fat accumulated in areas that cannot be sculpted through diet and sports. The success of the procedure depends on the elasticity of the skin.

There is no such evidence. The cancer risk of a woman without silicone is the same as one with silicone. Silicone also makes it easier to detect possible cancer, as it pushes the breast tissue

Silicone breast implant has no risk to breastfeeding.

It is possible to get pregnant and give birth one year after the surgery.

No. The main treatment known today for risky or cancerous moles is excision, that is, surgical removal.

After breast lift surgery, the breasts are usually hard and very raised. Over time, it softens and drops slightly, giving it a naturally upturned appearance. If one gains weight after the surgery, enlarged breasts may drop again following weight loss. Likewise, breasts enlarge during pregnancy. Breasts may also drop after lactation. Therefore, weight control is essential after surgery. If pregnancy is planned, breast lift surgeries should be postponed.

This operation can be performed in patients with sufficient fatty tissues.

Patients need to use a corset as in standard liposuction. It is more beneficial to use a corset that exposes the areas where we have injected fat. Recovery takes about 7 to 10 days. After 7-10 days, the patient continues his/her normal life. But it takes about 3 – 6 months for us to see the exact result.

For better healing, it is necessary for patients not to have sexual intercourse for about 15 days.

Abdominoplasty is applied to people who have lost a lot of weight or after giving birth. Tummy tuck surgery is the process of replacing the navel and removing the skin tissue under the navel. While this is being done, the rectus muscles, which we call diastasis recti, are usually accompanied by cases where the rectus muscles are separated from each other. We perform the plication procedure in these patients. In the place where the diastasis recti are located, we bring the rectus muscles one on top of the other like a corset, and we achieve a thinning in the horizontal plane, and we get a flat stomach skin by removing the excess skin.

The complete recovery process takes about 2 or 3 weeks. It is necessary to wait for between 3 and 6 months to see the actual result in the patient.

Hair transplantation is a permanent operation. Inserted follicles definitely continue to live in the areas of hair loss. However, hair loss continues in the person who has hair transplantation, as in every person. Loss of existing hair follicles does not necessarily mean that transplantation will not be carried out in the future.

It is natural to have a slight redness in the first month or two. After the second month, this redness gradually goes away. After 6-8 months, nobody can understand that you had any operation.

This can happen in some techniques, but there is no such risk in the techniques we apply since there are different procedures where stitches are used and ears are given shape. Since we mostly give shape to ears, stitches do not reopen.

Sometimes deformities of the inner tissues of the female genitalia called “labia minora” can occur in the vagina, and sometimes these tissues are deformed due to childbearing. In labiaplasty, the area is rejuvenated or brought to ideal aesthetic dimensions without making the labia blunt. This process takes about half an hour and at the end of half an hour, the patient achieves the desired vagina appearance. Any patient who has this operation can return to her normal life after about 2 or 3 weeks of sexual abstinence.

After the surgery, the patient needs to pay close attention to the hygiene of that area. Special dressing is required and the patient should not indulge in sexual intercourse for 3 weeks.