Eyelash Transplant

Women with sparse eyelashes who want to have voluminous, longer and strong eyelashes generally use false ones. The life of the false eyelashes, which are sticked on the eyelashes, is limited to one or two days and they are easily deformed depending on the number of uses and may also damage the natural eyelashes. After long-term use, eyelashes may reduce. That’s why, false eyelashes are not practical.
With the “FUE” method, which is also used in hair transplantation, eyelash or eyebrow transplant can be performed with the hair follicles collected from the person’s hair or pubic region, without making an incision. With the method applied without any incision, the risk of infection, bleeding and not healing wounds is eliminated. After the application, the person returns to his/her daily life within a few hours.
Eyelash transplant can be applied to people of both sexes with hypothyroidism, hormonal disorders, especially Addison’s, and people with congenitally thin and sparse eyelashes. After the transplantation process, which is carried out without any incision, people have natural eyelashes or eyebrows. Since the transplanted hair follicles grow after the application, eyelashes can be trimmed from time to time and shaped with eyelash tweezers.
As in hair, eyebrow and beard transplant, a second procedure can be applied to intensify eyelashes. If desired, the transplanted eyebrows and eyelashes can be dyed.

Method: The techniques used during eyelash transplantation may differ. There are multiple preferred methods. In the classical method, micro-holes, called channels, are opened in the area of transplantation and direct transplantation is performed, while in another method, the eyelash skin is surgically lifted and the follicles are placed parallel to each other, and the skin is sutured.
In the FUE technique we prefer in our clinic, hair follicles are removed from the nape or pubic area by attaching them to the tip of a micromotor (microdrill) with cylindrical hollow-tipped instruments called trepentine with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 millimeters. Follicles collected in this way are placed with the help of special needles called “Choi” parallel to the eyelid according to the angle of the eyelashes as planned, without making any incisions on the skin. During the procedure, depending on the eyelid structure and the number of eyelashes, a maximum of 50-60 grafts are placed.
Recovery: Within 5-7 days following the transplantation of the hair grafts, the transplanted grafts adapt to their new places. New eyelashes are nourished by the blood vessels in the area where they are placed and survive. In this way, the one can have natural eyelashes that do not lose for life and are shaped as desired.
In our clinic, with the FUE, the latest method and “Choi” needles are preferred, hair grafts are placed through the hole obtained without opening a canal because with this method, the eyelashes can be placed by inserting them from the opposite direction, so a faster recovery is achieved. The eyelashes cannot dislodge and denser transplant can be carried out.
Since there is no incision, there is no risk of infection. After the application, the person can return to his/her daily life within 1-2 hours. The application takes an average of 1-1.5 hours. For more dense eyelashes, it is usually required to repeat the application one more time. The same number of hair grafts can be applied during the process.