Smartfacelift (Scarless Smart Face Lift)

Smartfacelift is one of the surgical procedures developed thanks to the laser lipolysis technology. Thanks to the applications of laser lipolysis on the face and neck, this region is handled in a safer and more sensitive way and rejuvenation is ensured. Due to the presence of many vital facial nerves and vascular structures in the face area, there are both some limitations and some difficulties in facelift procedures, but thanks to this new combination, facial rejuvenation becomes much easier in terms of surgery.

Technically, one of the two main elements of the smart facelift process, “laser lipolysis”, increases the success of the facelift procedure by allowing access to the entire face and especially to the nasolabial fold, which we call the nasolabial groove, which cannot be accessed due to the end point of the facial nerves in conventional facelift operations. In this procedure with laser lipolysis, the entire facial skin is easily separated from the underlying tissue we call SMAS layer, and even the smallest bleeding focus is destroyed by the device in the meantime. During this procedure, as previously stated, all vital nerves and vessels are protected thanks to the selective structure of the instrument. In this way, a bloodless procedure is performed locally, followed by adequate skin removal with incisions made in front and behind the ear. Thanks to the tightening process, which is another important feature of laser lipolysis, and the increase of collagen tissue, the elasticity lost from the subcutaneous tissue is provided and wound healing is accelerated considerably.

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