Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift

The effects of gravity over the years and the excessive contractions of the mimic muscles cause some deformations in the forehead and eyebrows, which we define as the upper face. The lines on the forehead deepen, the eyebrows drop down and form a fold on the eyelids. Lines called crow’s feet appear on the sides of the eyes. This causes a tired and joyless expression and an old appearance in the person. Elimination of this appearance is possible by stretching the sagging forehead skin and eyebrows to their former places and eliminating wrinkles. The use of endoscopic surgery in facial rejuvenation is one of the biggest developments in plastic surgery in the last 10 years. The advantages of endoscopic surgery are that small incisions are made instead of making long incisions, thus leaving less scars as well as faster healing and protection from permanent defects such as sensory defect. Endoscopic surgery is mostly used in plastic surgery for forehead and eyebrow lift and mid-face rejuvenation surgeries. This process is carried out 2-3 cm of incisions into the scalp. The whole operation is performed with the help of instruments inserted through these small incisions. A small optical camera is inserted through one of the incisions and the TV screen displays the area to be operated. Forehead skin and eyebrows are released from the skull bones with special endoscopic instruments and dissectors, and are fixed to higher points with suspending sutures. Although this surgery can be performed with local anesthesia under sedation, we prefer general anesthesia. The patient can return home the same day a few hours after the surgery. An elastic dressing is applied to the forehead and scalp for 48-72 hours. Although there is not much pain in the postoperative period, edema and bruises may occur around the eyes, especially after 24 hours. These edemas usually disappear within a week. Endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift is the process of rejuvenating the upper part of the face and it is a method that can be applied in combination with face lift and cosmetic eyelid surgeries.

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