Face Lift

Surgical Intervention: Lifting and rejuvenating the face by removing the sagging-wrinkled skin and excess fat tissues from the face-neck and forehead area, suspending the muscles and skin.

Surgery time: 3 hours, can be shorter or longer depending on the amount required: 2-4 hours

Anesthesia: General anesthesia, local anesthesia under sedation for regional interventions

Stay at hospital: 1-2 days, Forehead lift: 0-1 days

Possible inconveniences: Temporary swelling and bruising, skin tenderness or numbness, and a temporary feeling of tightness. Dry skin.

Risks: Damage to the facial nerves: rarely asymmetry on the forehead, often temporarily due to swelling.

Back to work 14-20 days

Heavy exercise: In the 2nd week.

The bruises disappear: In 2-3 weeks.

UV protection: 4-6 months.