Closed (No Scar) Rhinoplasty

Currently, two main techniques are used for nose surgeries. The most preferred one by Plastic Surgeons is the closed technique. Although the number of interventions made with the open technique and the number of physicians who operate only with this technique has increased recently, the closed technique maintains its popularity. Although patient say that they are wrongly informed that the closed technique is an obsolete one, there is no difference between such methods. The closed technique is a method preferred by experienced surgeons and can be applied to all patients without exception. The prominent advantages of the closed technique,

The prominent advantages of the closed technique,

Quick settling of shape as a result of a very short duration of tip (nose tip) edema (swelling) compared to the open technique. Even though a clear image is provided within 1-2 months, this period is extended up to 1 year in open rhinoplasty.

No visible scarring outside.

Easy shaping and quick healing (due to reduction of edema) since the skin is not removed.

The operation time is shorter by half, hence less exposure to anesthesia.