Bichat fat pad is a special fat pad that gives fullness to our face and especially contributes to cheek fullness. During the endoscopic facelift, especially for patients not having enough fat pad on the cheekbones, this tissue is placed as a flap because its vascular network is clear and it can be easily transported in a capsule, and it provides fullness for life as a non-melting fat filling.
Bichat fat pad, which is the fat pad used in endoscopic facelift, is removed in an aesthetic application made for the more angular and reduced fullness of the face, instead of the rounded lines of the face, which is called “Hollywood cheek”. When the Bichat fat pad, which is approximately 2-4 ml of tissue, is removed, a slight collapse occurs on the face, especially in the area starting just below the cheekbone.
The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Our preference is not local anesthesia due to the comfort of general anesthesia, but it can be done according to the patient’s request. The procedure lasts for about 30 minutes, and then the 1 cm incision made in the mouth is closed with 2-3 dissolving stitches. Keeping the mouth clean with mouthwash and water for 2-3 days and consuming soft foods for 1-2 days are sufficient for wound care. The results are started to be seen within 3-4 weeks after the edema disappears. As always, 6 months to 1 year will be needed for the final result.