Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

Breasts are very important both aesthetically and physiologically in the life of women. Breasts undergo many changes both in form and in volume.

Breasts may undergo changes due to age, genetic characteristics, changes in body weight, lactation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause. Today, breasts that do not provide adequate appearance and projection from an aesthetic point of view create unfavorable feelings such as insecurity and depression in some women and affect the social life of the person. If we classify breast surgeries, the most common breast augmentation surgery is the one with silicone implants, followed by breast lift, breast reduction and breast asymmetry. In relation to the nipple-tip, we encounter the absence of the nipple, the nipple collapse or the nipple being in a different place. In men, operations are performed for female type breast enlargement and most frequently gynecomastia.