Laser Lipolysis

It is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that we can safely apply it to our patients being afraid of an operation or where classical liposuction cannot be applied due to some of its disadvantages and that does not leave any incision marks when healed, eliminates the need to enter the operating room, but requires an operating room in cases where sedation is required, as it is performed with a 1-2 mm of incision, and the patient can leave the clinic and go home on foot.

Who Can undergo LASER Liposuction?

All patients with loose skin and need tightening can undergo it as well as those having had liposuction because classical liposuction cannot be applied to patients with loose skin. Also, excellent result can be obtained for the face and double chin, gynecomastia in men, and those who have had liposuction before with LASER liposuction.

Where else is it used?

It gives definite results in our patients with “abnormally excessive armpit sweating”, which we call “hyperhidrosis”. Botox applied to these patients before LASER liposuction was either insufficient or ineffective for long term.

Sympathectomy, on the other hand, was a risky and complicated procedure. For this reason, LASER liposuction enables us to offer a more effective and precise solution to our patients without any risk. Another area of use is the numerical reduction of subcutaneous “fat glands” called “lipomas” without incision scars.


This procedure clearly is a little costly compared to classical liposuction, but it is an option that we offer to our patients at very affordable prices. Moreover, considering the loss of labor associated with liposuction and the inability to perform classical liposuction in some patients for one or another reason, it is offered to our patients at a affordable prices in our country.