One of the most performed operations on the female genitals is the “labiaplasty” procedure. Small flaps (labia minora) lie in the form of thin skin folds between the large flaps. They converge at the midline and create a tucked in appearance. The labia minora narrow posteriorly to form the entrance of the lower part of the vaginal introitus. In some women, the fact that the inner lips hang out from the outer lips can spoil the aesthetic appearance. This condition, which may be congenital, can occur after childbirth or as a result of excessive weight gain and loss and may also limit the sexual life of the woman.

Any women, married or single, giving birth or not, can have this operation. Under local anesthesia, small lips can be reduced as much as they should be in operating room conditions. The wound is sutured with self-dissolving sutures. This surgery does not harm the hymen, nor does it cause any harm or prevent sexual intercourse, orgasm, conception and giving birth. After the surgery, when the healing process is completed, there is no scar left, and all traces of the surgery disappear. There is no problem with urination after the surgery. Wound is healed in 5-7 days. You can have sexual intercourse 3 weeks after the operation.

Sometimes the labia majora, that is, the outer lips, may be structurally longer than normal. This can also cause pain during sexual intercourse. With surgical intervention, the labia majora can also be reduced to its normal size.