Plasma BT

With Plasma CT, without stripping the epidermal tissue, microchannels are opened in the skin as if it were needle-pricked, and these are tightened and recovered as wounds heal and collagen is deposited. Since the tissues around these microchannels are intact and there is no thermal damage, a rapid healing occurs. While the created microchannels heal, they contract and heal like wounds formed in other parts of the body, and recovery, tightening, removal of wrinkles and reduction of acne scars are provided in the uppermost layer of the skin. The regeneration and restructuring of collagen fibers continues for one year after the procedure.

The application is carried out as cold application or with mild anesthetic creams. It is a painless procedure, there may be much less discomfort than epilation. Afterwards, redness and tenderness occur in the application area. Sensitivity completely disappears within the same day. Redness starts after application and disappears in 2-4 days. At the end of 2 days, very little crusting may occur. The crusting will go away in about 4 days.

Depending on the problem, the procedure can be repeated for 1-3 sessions at intervals of three to four weeks.

Treatment of Acne Scars

Scars from acne can be minimized without surgery. With fractional laser, scars will be greatly reduced within 2-3 sessions on average. The short redness period after the application allows patients to return to their daily lives easily.

Treatment of Surgical Scars, Keloid, Scorch

There is no medical method that can completely remove scars. However, with the fractional laser, raised scars from the skin can be softened, lowered to the skin level, redness can be improved, and even mature scars can be made better. It is also very effective in reducing the sequelae caused by burns and softening the grafts.

Facial Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Treatment

Fractional laser is a very effective method in the treatment of wrinkles and making the skin better, lively, brighter. Especially superficial and moderate wrinkles can be healed with this procedure, while deep wrinkles will lighten up. The pores are narrowed and tightened. 3-5 sessions should be done at intervals of 3-5 weeks.

Hand Rejuvenation

As a result of regular applications with Plasma BT, wrinkles on the hands are improved. Age spots on hands can be removed with Co2 laser.

Plasma CT Mole (nevus) Treatment

In addition to surgery, moles, in other words, nevi can also be treated with Plasma CT. Moles to be removed with Plasma CT should be benign. Epidermal and dermal nevi can be treated with laser, while lesions with very deep roots and skin cancers should be surgically removed. Benign moles can be treated with Plasma CT in one procedure without leaving any scars.

Plasma BT Blemish Treatment

Blemish treatment is a time-consuming procedure. The type of blemish is very important. Sunlight triggers this condition. Sun spots, melasma, pregnancy spots, age spots can be treated with laser.

Treatment of Senile Lesions

With Plasma CT, senile lesions such as senile keratosis, hyperkeratosis, papilloma can be treated.

Plasma BT Stretch Marks (Striae) Treatment

Stretch marks (striae) are scars that develop due to the tear of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. There is no complete treatment for stretch marks like scars, but the prominence of marks can be reduced in 5-6 sessions with Plasma CT.